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First Baptist Church of Weston
Youth Newsletter
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Youth Newsletter

Posted on Thu, Mar 18, 2004

A list of whats going on and future events. Jr/Sr B.Y.'s

"The Road To Redemption"

 On March 21st, 2004, the youth were able to view "Road to Redemption" below is what the movie was about. We had around 10+ kids show up for the movie and had a great night of fellowship and enjoyment.

OK. Let's hit it -- the road, that is. And it’s not the kind of trip where you play license plate bingo. No kinks in your neck from sleeping on the seatbelt -- this is strictly a wide-awake kind of drive.

Take a seat next to Amanda. She's in trouble … big trouble. Back in Las Vegas, she and her boyfriend Alan "borrowed" money from her boss. Now Amanda finds herself $250,000 in debt and on the run from the Mob.

Amanda turns to her only hope: her dear old rich grandfather, Nathan Tucker. Good ol' Gramps should be a pushover, right? Wrong! It turns out that Grandpa is a witty, kind and compassionate man with savvy to spare. He's got a weak heart, but a strong faith in God, and he sees right through Amanda's plan.

He's got a plan of his own, though, and he offers Amanda a deal. She soon finds herself on the road to Lake Redemption with her grandfather along for the ride. And let's not forget those angry Mobsters, close behind and intent on collecting! She's definitely in for an adventure, but the destination isn't exactly on any map... 

If you would like to borrow the movie just contact Steven and I can give you a copy of it in VHS/DVD formats. Thanks Steven

 A youth trip to Valley Worlds of Fun is in the process of being planned. Please check back often for more information.            


Youth Night Out @ Church meets every Sunday night @ 7:00pm. All Youth are invited an encouraged to attend for an evening of enjoyment guarenteed.