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Youth News

Posted on Mon, Jun 11, 2007


Thirteen children and ten adults traveled to Valley Worlds of Fun on May 20. We ate lunch at the church, and with Josh Swisher as our chauffeur, we loaded the van and headed to Valley Worlds of Fun. There were, however, some parents who drove their own vehicles. We arrived at Valley Worlds of Fun around 1:00. It took no time for the fun to begin. Kara Grose and Travis Hayhurst were unbelievably talented when it came to climbing the rock wall. (Both made it to the top twice.) Camren Rozelle and Sonya Turner almost made it, but for some odd reason got scared and couldn’t finish. Austin Rowan and Anna Posey both got a little wet on the water rides. Mandy Rowan and Jessica Clark hopped on the pit fall, and boy you should have seen their faces when it began to drop. Needless to say one time was enough for them. Josh Swisher, Annica Swisher, Deanna Clark, Sonya Turner, Chandra Krinov, and Anna Posey all played a game of laser tag against the kids: Brooke Turner, Georgia Warder, Will Holland, Olivia Krinov, and Kyle Rogers. The adults were the Red Team and the kids were the Green Team. Guess who won! Yep, you guessed it! The Green Team! We want a rematch!! All in all a good time was had by all. Thank-you to all the parents for being so supportive. Those attending Valley Worlds of Fun were: Brooke Turner, Sonya Turner, Deanna Clark, Will Holland, Georgia Warder, Josh & Annica Swisher, Drew Rogers, Missy Rogers, Anna Posey, Morgan Rowan, Austin Rowan , Amanda Rowan, Camren Rozelle, Corey Rozelle, Melissa Krinov, Jessica Clark, Olivia Krinov, Chandra Krinov, Aiden Krinov, Kara Grose, Travis Hayhurst, Sondra Hayhurst

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