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Posted on Thu, Sep 6, 2007

Bobbie Vance - Memories for a Lifetime

June 27th, my grandson Dominic Garris and I were in the security lines at Port Columbus, Ohio, preparing for our flight to Denver, Colorado, to visit two of my children whom Dominic had never met. Our flight was delayed one and a half hours due to stormy weather. Then, suddenly, we were airborne.

What an exciting 12 days we had as I wanted this trip to be a memorable one for my grandson, and I do believe it was. We went to Colorado Springs and visited the breath -taking beautiful Garden of the Gods; saw the remarkable Cliff Dwellings where the early Indians lived; toured the Air Force Academy highlighted by our visit to their beautiful chapel; picnicked on Lookout Mountain; enjoyed visiting Buffalo Bill’s grave and museum; cheered the Rockies on to victory at their home baseball game July 3rd, which was followed by a spectacular fireworks display; played miniature golf; saw a Disney movie; enjoyed delicious food.

Dominic loved his Aunt Kim and shed a tear or two when we said good-bye July 8th.The Hayhurst Family at Myrtle Beach

The Hayhurst Family at Myrtle Beach


Overall the trip was filled with fun and relaxation. We give praises to the Lord for our safe and enjoyable trip. I went to camp just a couple of weeks ago at Fisher Baptist Camp and had tons of fun. We learned many Bible verses and had vespers every day after dinner. We went to the pool one day and had vespers at the pool. The next day we had some games. We played the balloon game which involved having a balloon tied on to your ankle. We played octopus tag. There was an octopus in the middle and when you got tagged, you stopped right where you were and could only reach to tag other people. It was lots of fun. There were many other games such as 4-square, basketball, volley ball, and kick ball. I can’t wait to go again!










 Vacation? What Vacation?

Leonard, Lynn, Jason, and Anna Posey spent their summer moving, painting, cleaning and rewiring. Leonard, Lynn and, on certain weekends, Anna moved to Pricetown. Our new address is 1780 US Hwy 33 West, Weston, phone number is the same. Jason will stay at our house on Fourth Street (it is only a seven minutes walk to work for him). Anna moved to a new apartment in Fairmont and continues to work at a daycare there. Her address is 726 Locust Ave., Apt. 5, Fairmont, WV 26554. So vacation? What vacation?

Steven Gower Travels Two Places Twice

My summer started out by graduating from Lewis County High School and then going to Senior Week in Myrtle Beach with 12 of my best friends. Senior Week was quite interesting as the first two days we were there it was Bike Week which made for hectic traffic conditions and the crowds were crazy. Then my next adventure was going back to Myrtle Beach again with my family. Next, I had the opportunity to travel to Cedar Point with the church youth and got to ride some rides I never thought I’d ever get on. A week later I enjoyed my second trip to Cedar Point, this time with my brother. We rode many more rides including the brand new coaster, Maverick, which I did not get on during my first visit. IT WAS AWESOME!! By the time you read this, I will have relocated to Marshall University. I am getting settled in and ready for an exciting semester.

Haley Biller Attends Camp

The Hayhurst family went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for our annual summer vacation. We departed Weston on Sunday, July 15, and returned on Friday, July 20. We stayed at Ocean Reef Resort where we rented a condo that slept 11 guests. Most of the time was spent relaxing in the sun on the beach and the kids taking advantage of the enormous water park at Ocean Reef Resort. The kids also got to eat at the Best Burgers in the World-Fuddruckers. Everyone attended the ever-so-popular Dixie Stampede where they enjoyed the many acts and the delicious 4-course meal which included a tender and mouth-watering, whole rotisserie chicken, delicious hickory smoked barbecued pork loin, hot buttered corn on the cob, tasty herb-basted potato, unlimited Pepsi, tea, and/or coffee, and Dixie’s very own Specialty Dessert. "Uuuuuuu mmmmm good" was said by all.

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