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Sunday School Sunday School

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Sunday School

Posted on Thu, Sep 6, 2007

When I was a boy my parents always made sure that I went to Sunday School.  I have been in Presbyterian, Methodist, Episcopalian, non-denominational and of course Baptist Sunday School classes.  I have also taught Sunday School.  I have been involved in Sunday School attendance drives, and Sunday School recognition and appreciation dinners, promotion Sundays, etc....  anything associated with Sunday School I have been subjected to it.  Therefore I understand what Sunday School teachers are up against.  I know what they go through.  Here is what they face on a weekly basis:

1. Will anyone have read the lesson for the week?

2.  Will people be faithful in attendance Sunday after Sunday?

3.  Will people judge their performance after the lesson is presented?

4.  Will there be someone to lead the class if sickness or circumstances beyond their control requires them to be absent?

5.  Will people object to the material or ask why another material is not being used?

6.  Will there be adequate time to prepare in the midst of a hectic schedule during the week?

7.  Will people respond to questions that we asked or set there like bumps on a log?

8.  Will they do more than just come to class?

9.  Will they take what they learn and put it into action?

10.  Will they skip coming if they have problems at home?

Last Sunday I met with the Sunday School teachers and staff.  They are a dedicated and committed group o f Christians who need your support.  So I ask you to do them a glorious favor.  Will you pray for them as they do the difficult task of helping us not only learn the Bible truths, but as they through the weekly, yearly struggles of praying, preparing and presenting the word if God?

Will you do your best to prepare and be present in the classes that are offered?  Will you perhaps accept the call to join their ranks?  Here's hoping and praying you will.

 In His Service, Ken


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