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Sound System Upgrade Sound System Upgrade

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Sound System Upgrade

Posted on Sun, Oct 18, 2009

Phase I is underway

The new sound equipment has arrived. It was tested with recently donated speakers, and proved to be quite loud without any distortion. This will be useful if any visiting bands wish to use our system. It will sound very good once it is properly installed and setup. It will also be easy to be install any additional systems (such as stage monitors, crib room speaker, assistive listening system, etc.) when we decide to purchase these systems.

Construction of the sound desk is underway and should be completed in 1-2 weeks. It will be a beautiful addition to our sanctuary. It will contain all the current and new sound equipment and will have plenty of room for additional systems. It will be lockable to prevent unauthorized access since much of the equipment have settings that can not be changed or it can cause damage to the whole system.
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