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First Baptist Church of Weston
Son of Encouragement
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Son of Encouragement

Posted on Mon, Nov 1, 2004

From Rev. Miller

 In the Holy Bible there are many wonderful characters.  Jesus, Paul, Moses, Mary, Elijah and Peter are just a few to be mentioned.  But one character that help set the course for all Gentiles to be saved was one we don't hear much about.  His name was Barnabus.  Barnabus was not his real name.  His real name was Joseph.  Barnabus means "Son of Encouragement" and that's just what Barnabus did.  When they needed someone at Antioch to help that first church, he was the concensus pick.  Whe Paul returned from Damascus as a new Christian, the people in Jerusalem that had suffered by his persecution were not convinced.  But Barnabus needed a preacher to join him, he thought of Paul.  And he eventually gave Paul first position in their ministry and he took the secondary role.  It took a big man to do this.

 We are also told that after the first missionary journey, a man named John Mark accompanied them.  However he got homesick and he went home.  When Barnabus and Paul decided to go on another missionary journey, Barnabus recommended John Mark.  But Paul, true to form, said "No!"  So Barnabus and Paul parted and went their separate ways.  Later, we understand that Barnabus was assassinated.  Some would say what a wasted life, however, that would be terribly incorrect.  Why?  Because most people read the gospels more than any other part of the Bible.  One of those gospels was written by the frail, fragmented and homesick boy who later became a man.  What happeded to him?  Who encouraged him?  Barnabus.  But that's not all, later on when Paul was being led out to die, one man put his encouraging hand on his shoulder.  His name was John Mark.  Oh, my friends.  Encourageing others is so important.  Why, because encouragement gives others the power,  the confidence and the resolve to press on to the high call of Christ.  Barnabus, "son of encouragement."  Oh, what a blessed saint!

 I want you to know that my family and I have already felt this encouragement from First Baptist Weston.  Your cards and phone calls of encouragement have certainly warmed my heart.  They have given me the confidence, the power and the resolve to be your pastor.  I look forward to joining you as we all seek to be ENCOURAGERS.

In appreciation for your encouragement


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