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Red Cross Needs Blood Donations Red Cross Needs Blood Donations

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Red Cross Needs Blood Donations

Posted on Wed, Jul 20, 2011

ALL blood types are on at CRITICAL levels!

The American Red Cross has issued a CRITICAL appeal for blood donations. Currently, there is a critical blood shortage in our region and across the nation. In May and June, donations were at the lowest level the Red Cross has seen in this timeframe in over a dozen years, while demand for blood products remained steady. Because of that, the Red Cross needs blood donors now more than ever. All types are needed, but especially 0 negative.

Supplies of 0 negative are at emergency levels nationally which means they have less than a day and half supply. Type 0 negative is vital to the blood supply because anyone can be transfused with it no matter his or her blood type if there is no time to type and cross match his or her blood. It can be used for babies, trauma patients, etc. Type 0 negative is carried on the life flight helicopters because it can be given to anyone. ALL other blood types are on the CRITICAL list! The public is urged to donate blood now! Lives depend on it!

The American Red Cross is conducting a blood drive at First Baptist Church in Weston on Friday, June 15, from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. Mark your calendar!! 

Give the “Gift of Life.”

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