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From the Pastor's Desk From the Pastor's Desk

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From the Pastor's Desk

Posted on Mon, Dec 31, 2007

From the Pastor’s Desk:




As I look at my calendar, I see that soon it will be a new year.  As I reflect on this reality, I marvel at how quickly time passes.  When I was a student in class, I would wonder as I stared at the clock,  whether or not it was broken.  Now I know that it was not.  In fact, now I know it worked too well.  But wait!  Have you noticed something in this article?  I have used the personal pronoun “I” nine times.  Now that is significant; is it not? 

Isn’t it true that one of the greatest faults of a Christian is to concentrate too much on oneself, to put yourself first in all matters of life?  And if a person is to be a good and effective Christian (those who exhibit and lead others to Christ), should we not be concentrating more on how we view and treat others?  After all what is the second part of the greatest command?  Is it not to love your neighbor as you love yourself?

As the new year approaches, let’s do two things better.  Let us be less concerned with ourselves and more concerned about others.  This was Jesus’ way and it should be ours as well.  Romans 14:7 says, “For no one of us lives for himself and not one dies for himself.”  (NASB)

Perhaps the following suggestions from Dr. Winford Moore could help us in this pursuit of caring for others.  Dr. Winford Moore wrote this in 1987.

“To be a good evangelist

-Sometimes we take ourselves too  seriously.

-Those who fail have never learned how to get along with other people.

-We need each other; we cannot live in isolation.

-We do not have enough problem solvers.

-Cherish friendship of other people. Put  warmth into that friendship.

- Respect feelings of other people (even those who cannot agree with us).  We need to learn how to be tactful.

-Don’t project your feelings on others.

-We don’t have to be always Mr. or Mrs. “Right” about everything.

-Learn how to overlook the faults in others.

-Develop a good sense of humor.

-Appreciate others… and see the best in them.

-Bear one another’s burdens.

-Love one another… and be kind.

If we will put these suggestions in our minds and hearts and put them into practice in 2008, I believe that the new year will far exceed the old one - because that old abbreviation for JOY is true.




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