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A Worthy Cause A Worthy Cause

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A Worthy Cause

Posted on Sat, Oct 6, 2007



When I was a college student, I remember my youth group at Highland Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky was having a Rock – a – thon. It was to raise money for a special purpose. We were all supposed to bring our rocking chairs to church and rock the night away. Before-hand, we had collected money in proportion to the number of hours we were to rock. Sounds good, sounds simple, does it not? There was, however, one problem. My father was not convinced. When I asked my father for money to support the cause, he said, “Ken, that’s dumb. Why should I pay you money for doing nothing?” If you will rake the leaves, clean up the garage, and mow the grass, I’ll consider giving you some money.” Now at first, I understood his logic. He might even have had a good point! But all the things he requested were to benefit our household and not our neighbors. And that is why the “Rock-a-thon” was and the “Crop Walk” October 7th is so important.

If we are to be New Testament disciples of Jesus, we must not just think of ourselves but we must embrace the world with our love and our support. We who have much, too much, must give to meet the needs of others. That is why I am asking you to really get behind the “Crop Walk.” For you see there are those who do not have enough water, food, medicine, school clothing, etc. And we are the ones that must channel our bounty towards them. The Bible tells us that when Jesus saw people who were suffering or in need.  He felt compassion for them. However, He did more than that. He acted to meet their needs. We must do the same.  - In His Service, Ken

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