Brothers' Keeper Attendees & Information

Posted on Mon, Jun 30, 2008:

July- 20-25

Brothers’ Keepers


Brothers’ Keepers is a regional mission work opportunity for the youth of our WVBC churches across the state.  It gives youth a new perspective on the Christian ideals of servant hood by giving of oneself.  FBC has 8 youth and 5 adult counselors attending.  They will leave on Sunday, July 20, and return the following Friday.  Keep them in your prayers as they travel to Parchment Valley to serve God by serving others.

Youth                                      Adults

Dave Hayhurst                       Rev. Kenneth Miller

Melissa Hayhurst                   Deanna Clark

Catherine Hayhurst               Annica Swisher

Laura Mosley                          Denise Mosley

Daniel Mosley                         Steven Gower

Nolan Miller

Anthony Werner

Madison Heater

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