May 6th Church Planting Bike Ride Fundraiser Rescheduled

Posted on Thu, Apr 27, 2006:

Broad Run Association Bike Ride for Church Planting: May 6, 2006

Ministers of Broad Run Association have invited all churches of the association to bring their bicycles to Salem for a bike ride and picnic. The purpose is to raise money and awareness of church planting in WV. We will ride the North Bend Rail Trail to Wolf Summit and back(11miles). Prior to coming, solicit sponsors to support your riding efforts of $1/mile. Each rider has 10 sponsors, and raise $110 for church planting. Registration forms are soon to arrive! After the ride, a picnic will be enjoyed along with some exciting stories given from church planters. So plan now to attend!!

The Bike Ride for Church Planting scheduled for May 6, 2006 has been postponed. 

Ministers of the Broad Run Association are still planning to hold event.  The new date will be announced when it is determined.

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